Sometimes it is not the complex solution that you need. It may just be a pure component, such as a pump or a motor - or maybe a ready-to-use diesel pumping unit. We have a huge stock where we permanently keep a growing variety of pumps, motors and related systems ready for shipment. If urgency matters, this equipment can be on the truck and on its way within two hours.

Our stock is located in the heart of Germany close to the country’s most frequented international airport, Frankfurt/Main—right in the center of Europe.

Please download our current inventory of pumps, motors and ready-to-use diesel pumping units here:

-    Pump list
-    Motor list

All the equipment is available for purchase or rental.

We update these lists every Sunday. Please understand that adds and outs between updates are not shown. For a precise, up-to-date inquiry please contact us using the quick contact form to the right.

We are also happy to make any possible adjustment to our given inventory if the pump or the motor you found does not exactly meet your requirements.

For further information please contact us using this form or call us directly: +1 (205) 567 1547 or +49 (170) 582 9959. We are happy to assist you.

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