Are Solid Separation Systems the Answer to the “New” Wastewater?

May 20th, 2015
PRAGUE, Czech Republic

Has our municipal wastewater changed during the past decade? Perhaps it’s not too bold to say there is a broad consent throughout the entire industry that it has changed dramatically. For instance, new extremely durable tissue materials have challenged even the most powerful pumps and exasperate water companies, as well as pump manufacturers.

Three main approaches can be observed among the leading pump manufacturers trying to handle these complications:

a) New hydraulic impeller designs
b) Intelligent control algorithms
c) Solid separation systems

Whereas approaches a) and b) should help the pump to cope with the ‘new’ wastewater, c) aims to avoid any contact between solids and rags and the pump and subsequently prevent it from clogging.

A (moving) picture is worth a thousand words. This is what I am talking about (courtesy of KSB):

More and more manufacturers (among those are well known brands like Hydro-Vacuum S.A. GrudziądzKSB Company‪‎Strate‬ or WILO SE) offer high quality solid separation systems and the technology has graduated to an advanced level.

Here in Eastern and Central Europe it seems the triumphant sweep of the solid separation system is unstoppable. Today they are not only found at several booths here at the Vod-Ka exhibition in Prague but also underneath a growing number of public buildings (Industry insiders know too well that large public buildings as airports, railway stations or hospitals have their very special wastewater challenges.) and in the extensive pressurized sewers from Berlin to Bucharest and from Warsaw to Zagreb.

Will this technology find its way to North America? You are invited to comment this post if you want to discuss or share your personal solid separation experience. 

For Pumps & Systems, the global voice of the industry, live from ‪‎VodKa‬, the environmental event in Prague, Czech Republic.


Business Discovery for Pumps & Systems at the Pump Centre Conference 2015

A great event has come to an end - The 23rd Pump Centre Conference & Exhibition in Telford, UK.

Formed in 1992 with financial support of the UK Department of Trade & Industry the initial purpose of the Pump Centre was to provide a lead role in the transfer of technology between manufacturers and end-users. Today the Pump Centre grew to a membership organization with over 150 company members that provides its members with a wide range of services associated with pumps, pumping systems and related plant and equipment. 

And so the annual Pump Centre Conference became the UK's leading conference and exhibition for those involved with pumps and pumping. Almost 100 exhibitors and more than 1,000 visitors came to Telford, England today to discuss where pumps and pumping will be in 2020. 

As the UK has entered AMP6, the 6th 5-year Asset Management Period after the privatization of the UK's water authorities its water utilities are now committed to reduce TOTEX of their water and wastewater systems. So this year's conference's theme was 'Pumping Best Practice 2020', looking forward to where pumps and pumping will be five years from now.

"Pumps already provide realtime data... what's going to be interesting is how we as an industry use that data.", says Mike Rush, Pump Centre Chairman. It is expected that more water and wastewater companies will concentrate on condition-based monitoring and maintenance using real-time data to cope with the AMP6 challenge. Which technologies are available and how the industry could use that data was impressively presented by Dan Banks from ABB  talking about how existing asset's performance can be maximized through intelligent control philosophies.

Whereas the main session and the exhibition was mainly dealing with "intelligent" pumps and "smart" pumping the comprehensive breakout sessions gave young professionals the opportunity to raise their general understanding of pumps and pumping on various fields. A great mix!

Once again Pump Centre Manager John Howarth made a fantastic job providing an excellent platform for passionate pump professionals from all over the country. I am already looking forward to the Pump Centre Conference 2016 on May 12th.

Pumps & Systems, the voice of the industry, will be back...

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