An Industry Outlook for Submersible Wastewater Pumps

By Michelle Segrest, Reporting for Modern Pumping Today

To further educate the public and spread the importance of its initiatives, SWPA (the Submersible Wastewater Pump Association) is partnering with Modern Pumping Today to address topics that are the most important to the submersible wastewater pumping community. These Q&As are based on the well-respected learning units in the SWPA Handbook. Industry-leading experts from SWPA member companies will contribute to enhancing these education and training initiatives through in-depth reports.


Changing of the Guard - The Hydraulic Institute Looks to the Future

By Michelle Segrest, Reporting for Modern Pumping Today

A focus on pump system optimization within the entire pumping system has become the strategic vision of the Hydraulic Institute. With the retirement of longtime HI Executive Director Robert Asdal, the direction of the standard-setting organization has shifted recently to reflect new leadership and a changing environment.

After more than twenty-four years under Asdal’s leadership, his June 30, 2015, retirement represented a changing of the guard for HI as longtime association professional Michael Michaud took the reigns.  And with the traditional initiatives and mission of the industry-leading association remaining intact, the new leadership brings fresh ideas with a clear focus moving forward.


BDS Publishes 3-Part Maintenance Series with Empowering Pumps

Modern technology, effective asset management and operational standards can be difference makers when it comes to constant improvement goals within a maintenance and reliability program. From her coverage of the 2015 SMRP Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, (Oct. 13-15, 2015), BDS VP of Marketing Services Michelle Segrest published a three-part series with Empowering Pumps describing best practices for M&R continuous improvement.

Part 1: Accelerate Maintenance with Modern Technology

Part 2: Effective Asset Management

Part 3: Operational Excellence

Maintenance in the Palm of Your Hand

By Michelle Segrest, Reporting for Maintenance Technology
VIP Services is a mobile app and maintenance tool designed to improve efficiency and increase productivity. Four years ago, a longtime customer of Wunderlich-Malec (Minnetonka, MN) approached the engineering service provider about the possibility of a paperless solution for its maintenance operations.

“Our customer was faced with their labor force retiring and a high rate of attrition occurring at multiple sites,” said business unit manager Joel Gil. “The client wanted to have a means of digitizing their systems so that new employees could have information instantly and be able to support their maintenance needs.”

This customer’s concern is common across countless industrial markets. Because of global pressures, many industrial sectors were forced to downsize their engineering and maintenance workforce 15 years ago. Now this senior workforce is retiring. The tribal knowledge is escaping without a means of documenting or passing down.


Hydro Inc., Keeps Old Machines Running Like New

By Michelle Segrest, Reporting for Maintenance Technology

Hydro, Inc., incorporates small, continuous improvements with careful maintenance coordination to achieve long life from a diverse collection of machines. If Hydro’s machines stop running, their customers’ businesses stop running. Customers count on Hydro Inc., to get their pumping systems back online. Whether it’s repairing, replacing, or upgrading the pumps and parts, dependable operability is the main artery that flows directly to the heart of the company.

For almost five decades, Hydro Inc., a premier worldwide engineering-services company, has helped manufacturers do more than just repair their pump components and parts. It retrofits and upgrades and finds ways to make the parts work better, smarter, faster, and more efficiently than ever before. Since founding the company in 1969, no one understands the significance of maintaining the machines that make this happen for its customers more than Hydro’s CEO, George Harris. “One of the most critical areas in all our operations is the proper and consistent operability of our machine tools,” Harris said. “These machine tools are the lifeblood of what we do on a daily basis. Without them, we could not service our customers.”

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Blacoh Industries Expands Diverse Scope with Launch of Blacoh Surge Control and Blacoh Metal Solutions

RIVERSIDE, California (September 1, 2015) – To meet the full scope of its customers’ needs and to broaden the already diverse family of products and professional services, Blacoh Industries expands its depth of industry expertise with the launch of Blacoh Surge Control ( and Blacoh Metal Solutions (

Established in 1976, Blacoh Fluid Control continues to stand alone as the leader and foremost expert in the manufacture of fluid control products and pulsation dampeners for municipal and industrial process industries, and virtually every application from the harshest chemicals to the most delicate cosmetics.

The new addition of Blacoh Surge Control provides customized engineering solutions for large scale pressure vessels in surge protection, pressure regulation, storage, and pump control. These types of large surge vessels are typically used in chemical processes, water, wastewater, fire protection, mining, oil and gas pipelines, loading terminals, and refining applications. Dedicated to delivering system-wide surge assessment and modeling services, Blacoh Surge Control provides fully personalized consulting from start to finish.

Blacoh Metal Solutions offers a one-stop sourcing service for metal tubing and piping products. Backed with industry expertise and established relationships with leading suppliers worldwide, Blacoh Metal Solutions provides convenience and reliability to source all metal product needs.

“These are clearly exciting times,” said Andrew Yeghnazar, President of Blacoh Industries. “Together with the entire Blacoh family, we will forge ahead and continue to build and grow Blacoh and serve an ever expanding customer base the only way we know how—with world class customer focus.”

Frank Knowles Smith, III leads the Blacoh Surge Control team as the Executive Vice President. Smith is a well-respected trailblazer in fluid dynamics with 28 years of academic, design and application experience. The foremost expert on surge control, Smith’s specialties include pump station/pipeline design and computer modeling, piping components, instrumentation, and electrical control panel design. The co-founder and former President of Pipe Tech, Inc., Smith’s unique expertise and personalized engineering services are unparalleled in the industry.

Steve Mungari joins the Blacoh Surge Control team as Business Development Manager. Mungari was previously the Global Sales Manager for Young Engineering and Manufacturing. In that capacity, he was responsible for the company’s domestic and international sales efforts. Prior to that, he was the Western Regional Sales Manager for Burkert Contromatic Inc., the USA division of Burkert Fluid Control Systems, which specializes in the field of fluidic measurement and control technologies to the life science, gas handling, hygienic process and water treatment industries. Mungari holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in International Marketing.

“Steve's track record is one of proven success with both domestic and international companies serving a wide variety of challenging applications among various sales channels,” Yeghnazar said. “Together, Frank and Steve along with the rest of our Sales and Engineering Team, will be making some major waves in this industry.”

Peter Wang is the Executive Vice President of Blacoh Metal Solutions. He was previously the Managing Director of Special Metals Asia Pacific, part of PCC Precision Castparts Corporation, a global leader and manufacturer of precision welded tube and pipe. Prior to that Wang also headed up business development in Asia for RathGibson. He and his team of global experts understand the requirements of Blacoh customers and can meet their needs at the local level. Most importantly, with offices in the US, China, Australia, Korea, Austria, Germany and Argentina, the Blacoh Metal Solutions team are on the ground wherever the customer is, worldwide.


About Blacoh

As a leader in the fluid system industry since 1976, Blacoh is passionately focused on extending its high quality product profile and supreme level of service.  Combined with the strength of Blacoh’s core values and commitment to our customers’ success, Blacoh Industries is dedicated to providing full technical and engineering expertise to deliver on proven and reliable results. 

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On Hurricane Katrina 10th Anniversary, Pumps Provide New Life for New Orleans

By Michelle Segrest

Reporting for Empowering Pumps

On August 29, 2005, a brutal storm swept through the Gulf Coast and demolished most of New Orleans, burying more than 80 percent of the Crescent City under 15 feet of brackish water and debris, and leaving in its wake utter despair for its residents.

Hurricane Katrina made landfall about one hour south of New Orleans at Buras, Louisiana in Plaquemines Parish. It moved at Category 5 strength less than 12 hours prior to landfall and generated a 28-foot storm surge and 55-foot waves. It ignored the city’s flood walls and broke through with tragic force.

Surge and waves caused 50 major levee breaches in the regional Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System (HSDRRS). Thirty-four of the city’s 71 pumping stations were damaged, and 169 of the system’s 350 miles of protective structures were compromised. Heavy rainfall of 14 inches in a 24-hour period further contributed to the excessive flooding.

Homes were ripped from their foundations. Businesses were destroyed. Millions of people were left homeless, and more than 1,800 people died. It is considered to be one of the worst natural disasters in United States history.



TKM Opens Manufacturing Facility in Georgia

By Michelle Segrest

MARIETTA, Georgia (Aug. 11, 2015) – TKM Industries, a manufacturer of high-quality, custom-engineered metering pumps for the chemical, wastewater and mining industries, is now operating from its 3,000-square-foot facility in Marietta, Georgia.

            With more than 60 years of engineering expertise, TKM has developed a modular design using common components across the product line providing the customer with highly reliable, low maintenance costs and extended pump longevity. A family-owned and operated company, TKM is dedicated to taking care of its customers from order to operation. “We are able to produce high-quality, precision engineered pumps designed for specific applications with quick delivery and superior service reliability” says TKM president Tim Mann. “We take customer service to the next level. We don’t just take orders. We form valuable relationships with responsive customer service.  From initial receipt of the order, delivery, installation and service maintenance.  Our goal is to help our customer’s process run with minimum downtime.”

            TKM Industries is a global manufacturer of metering pumps, mechanical diaphragm pumps, hydraulic diaphragm and plunger pumps for the chemical, water, wastewater, oil & gas, mining, pulp & paper and agricultural industries.

Contact TKM at (770) 943-4922 and visit to learn more.

Meet the TKM team at Booth 3902 at WEFTEC in Chicago, Sept. 28-30, 2015.

The Legacy of Jay Shah


By Michelle Segrest

Jagdish "Jay" Shah was a consummate industry professional, a gentleman, a father, a grandfather and a loyal friend. 

He passed away in his sleep August 5, 2015 while attending a sales meeting in Las Vegas. He was 73. 

Jay was one of the first people I met in the pump industry 8 years ago. It didn't take long to get to know him. He was so friendly, approachable and endearing. He was kind, generous and always made me smile. No matter where he was in the world, he always returned my phone calls. He made special efforts to share his knowledge, his connections and his friendship. He was encouraging, but honest. He was friendly, but firm. He was smart, funny, adventurous and genuine. His contributions to the industry and to Hydro, Inc., are immeasurable. The measure of Jay, the man, even more difficult to define. 

Jay joined Hydro as its first salesman in 1969.  He later became a partner in the company and as the company expanded internationally, he served as President of Hydro International. Jay was the company’s premier ambassador who carried the Hydro vision to countries throughout the world including Canada, Korea, Australia, United Arab Emirates, France and Vietnam. A tireless traveler, logging more than 3 million miles, he cultivated a wide network of friends throughout the world.  Jay’s philosophy was simple but powerful; friends and family first, then business. 

My heart is heavy. The industry will miss Jay Shah. I miss my friend. 

Services for Jay Shah were held on Monday, August 10

In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting that donations be made to the Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s Foundation;

Modern Pumping Today (MPT) Partners with Pump Industry Specialist to Build Brand, Boost Content

With the launch of a slick, professional new design and re-branding drive, Modern Pumping Today (MPT) has further boosted its commitment to build its brand and provide exceptional content with the addition of Business Discovery Group’s Michelle Segrest as an Editorial Consultant.

For the past eight years, Segrest was the brand ambassador and editor-in-chief of Pumps & Systems. During her tenure with the company, Segrest was successful in leading the teams that launched three trade brands, one of them on the international market. She

was responsible for initiating and leading the charge on many projects that helped to increase the overall brand profile. Meet Segrest and the MPT team at Booth 1246 at PumpTurbo 2015, Sept. 14-17, at Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center. 


Industry Focuses on Water Scarcity, Valve Emissions Testing & Motor Regulations

By Michelle Segrest – Reporting for Empowering Pumps

The challenges surrounding water scarcity continue to be on the minds of technology providers, water experts, policy makers, legislators and water professionals. Desalination is one technology that can provide solutions. However, this is an enormously expensive and energy intensive technology.

To discuss solutions, which include intersecting water and energy in what the Department of Energy has defined as the “water-energy nexus,” the industry meets in San Diego in August for the International Desalination Association World Congress. This is the first time in 16 years the event is being held in the United States.

Meanwhile, in other industry sectors, DOE regulations with regard to integral HP motors takes affect in one year while U.S. manufacturing experiences a boost as does the shale industry as the price of oil continues to be a concern. The importance of fugitive emissions testing with regard to valves was the buzz at ValveWorld Americas this month in Houston.


Industry Leaders Seek Solutions for the California Drought

By Michelle Segrest, Reporting for Empowering Pumps

In May, I was proud to be a participant and speaker at the historic Water Technology & Funding Summit in Pasadena, California. This was an amazing gathering of thought leaders, politicians, decision makers, technology experts, universities and legislators spearheaded by the Water Technology Hub.

The “disruptive collaboration” that ensued has sparked many innovative partnerships and solutions toward the growing threat caused by the severe drought in California and other arid regions of the world.

“We live in a time where there are growing concerns regarding the scarcity of water,” said Andrew Yeghnazar, Water Technology Hub’s Founding Chairman. “No matter where you are, no matter what your background is or your occupation, water remains a basic necessity of life. The great news is it seems new groups with the same passion are popping up all over the place. This is clearly an area where if we work together the sum of all our efforts will truly be greater than if we attempt to develop a solution on our own.”

The Water Technology Hub’s mission is to engage innovative thinking, target effective investments, launch collaborative initiatives and commercialize new water technologies.

Here are some recent headlines with regard to the California drought. Let us know about your company’s technological efforts toward solving the issue of water scarcity.


Business Discovery Services Group's Michelle Segrest Becomes Industry Pro for Empowering Pumps

Michelle Segrest, VP Marketing Services for Business Discovery Group, is the newest Industry Pro for Empowering Pumps. Segrest reports about news, products, services and developments in the global pump industry including water, wastewater, oil and gas, chemical, food processing, power generation and building services markets. 


Business Discovery Services Launches New Division

Business Discovery Services Group’s brand-new Marketing Services Division provides marketing and brand building services to industry publications, agencies and manufacturing companies. Partners will benefit from in-depth, enterprising features, technical articles and case studies researched and written by experienced industry journalists. We also provide strategy training, project conception and implementation and live coverage of industry events.

Michelle Segrest brings 25 years of professional journalism experience to lead the division as the VP Marketing & Brand Specialist. Segrest was most recently the editor-in-chief and international brand ambassador of Pumps & Systems, the leading pump industry trade magazine.

During her 8-year tenure with Pumps & Systems, Segrest was successful in leading the teams that launched three international trade brands. She was responsible for initiating and leading the charge on many innovative projects that increased the overall brand profile.

Partner with Business Discovery Services to help build brand awareness and create compelling, relevant content to leverage your marketing initiatives.  

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For further information please contact Michelle via email or call her directly: +1 (205) 862 3131.


ACHEMA 2015 - The Global Summit of Innovation

By Michelle Segrest, Business Discovery Services
Reporting for Empowering Pumps

FRANKFURT, Germany (June 15-19, 2015) - At the largest chemical engineering and process industry trade show in the world, global innovation was the theme. Creating a sustainable future though the contribution of chemistry and process engineering is the challenge.

To address this challenge, more than 170,000 attendees from 100 countries joined 3,813 exhibitors from 56 countries at Messe Frankfurt for ACHEMA—World Forum and 31stInternational Trade Show for Process Industries.


Are Solid Separation Systems the Answer to the “New” Wastewater?

May 20th, 2015
PRAGUE, Czech Republic

Has our municipal wastewater changed during the past decade? Perhaps it’s not too bold to say there is a broad consent throughout the entire industry that it has changed dramatically. For instance, new extremely durable tissue materials have challenged even the most powerful pumps and exasperate water companies, as well as pump manufacturers.

Three main approaches can be observed among the leading pump manufacturers trying to handle these complications:

a) New hydraulic impeller designs
b) Intelligent control algorithms
c) Solid separation systems

Whereas approaches a) and b) should help the pump to cope with the ‘new’ wastewater, c) aims to avoid any contact between solids and rags and the pump and subsequently prevent it from clogging.

A (moving) picture is worth a thousand words. This is what I am talking about (courtesy of KSB):

More and more manufacturers (among those are well known brands like Hydro-Vacuum S.A. GrudziądzKSB Company‪‎Strate‬ or WILO SE) offer high quality solid separation systems and the technology has graduated to an advanced level.

Here in Eastern and Central Europe it seems the triumphant sweep of the solid separation system is unstoppable. Today they are not only found at several booths here at the Vod-Ka exhibition in Prague but also underneath a growing number of public buildings (Industry insiders know too well that large public buildings as airports, railway stations or hospitals have their very special wastewater challenges.) and in the extensive pressurized sewers from Berlin to Bucharest and from Warsaw to Zagreb.

Will this technology find its way to North America? You are invited to comment this post if you want to discuss or share your personal solid separation experience. 

For Pumps & Systems, the global voice of the industry, live from ‪‎VodKa‬, the environmental event in Prague, Czech Republic.


Business Discovery for Pumps & Systems at the Pump Centre Conference 2015

A great event has come to an end - The 23rd Pump Centre Conference & Exhibition in Telford, UK.

Formed in 1992 with financial support of the UK Department of Trade & Industry the initial purpose of the Pump Centre was to provide a lead role in the transfer of technology between manufacturers and end-users. Today the Pump Centre grew to a membership organization with over 150 company members that provides its members with a wide range of services associated with pumps, pumping systems and related plant and equipment. 

And so the annual Pump Centre Conference became the UK's leading conference and exhibition for those involved with pumps and pumping. Almost 100 exhibitors and more than 1,000 visitors came to Telford, England today to discuss where pumps and pumping will be in 2020. 

As the UK has entered AMP6, the 6th 5-year Asset Management Period after the privatization of the UK's water authorities its water utilities are now committed to reduce TOTEX of their water and wastewater systems. So this year's conference's theme was 'Pumping Best Practice 2020', looking forward to where pumps and pumping will be five years from now.

"Pumps already provide realtime data... what's going to be interesting is how we as an industry use that data.", says Mike Rush, Pump Centre Chairman. It is expected that more water and wastewater companies will concentrate on condition-based monitoring and maintenance using real-time data to cope with the AMP6 challenge. Which technologies are available and how the industry could use that data was impressively presented by Dan Banks from ABB  talking about how existing asset's performance can be maximized through intelligent control philosophies.

Whereas the main session and the exhibition was mainly dealing with "intelligent" pumps and "smart" pumping the comprehensive breakout sessions gave young professionals the opportunity to raise their general understanding of pumps and pumping on various fields. A great mix!

Once again Pump Centre Manager John Howarth made a fantastic job providing an excellent platform for passionate pump professionals from all over the country. I am already looking forward to the Pump Centre Conference 2016 on May 12th.

Pumps & Systems, the voice of the industry, will be back...

To learn more about the Pump Centre visit